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Base Former come in a set of three sizes. Includes Small, Medium and Large base formers made of soft rubber and easy to work with. Dental rubber model form are easy to clean and store when not in used. Reusable. Model base formers are the base formers usually made up of rubber which help the dentists or their team members to make the casts of ideal dimensions. These casts have been used successfully in the several dental procedures so that the treatments can be carried out in a proper way. The dental plaster or dental stone is poured in the base formers and then it is allowed to set. After an hour or so depending on the surrounding temperature the mold is taken out of the base former. In this way, the required mold is achieved with the help of the respective base formers. The design and the quality of the base formers have improved to a great extent tin the recent times. The rubber material used in the base formers ensures that after the plaster or mold has set then the mold can be taken out without causing any breakage or damage to the mold. In this way, the work in the dental clinics can be at a faster speed with the use of the base formers.

Base Former

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