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Diamond burs are characterized by an exceptional dense diamond coating that provides rapid grinding without pressure. Our sterile dental bits manufacturer uses the best materials, guaranteeing the fastest cutting, longest lasting diamond bur at an exceptional price. All points are made in normal granularity (25 -180um) and sterilized by gamma radiation. Medium grit for dense and smooth trimming. Protect your burs with an autoclavable container. Sold individually. 

  • Dense Diamond Tip
  • Precise Cut
  • Long Lasting Bur
  • Gamma Sterilized
  • Many Shapes And Sizes
  • Fine Grit - 40um
  • Extra Fine Grit - 25um
  • Coarse Grit - 125-150um
  • Extra Coarse Grit - 150 - 180um

Diamond Burs

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