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Finishing metal strips for polishing restorations and reducing tooth structure in orthodontic treatments before placing any orthodontic bond. Finishing metal strips are used in the dental clinics especially by the orthodontists and their dental teams during the orthodontic procedures. The tooth structure can be reduced successfully by the finishing metal tips and then the orthodontic bonds can be placed in between the concerned natural teeth to carry out the orthodontic procedures. In operative and conservative dentistry, restoration are done are the preparation of the cavity in the natural tooth of the patients. The finishing metal strips are used in the finishing and shaping of the restorations in the anterior as well as posterior teeth. The interproximal reduction is done in an excellent way by the finishing metal strips. The best part is that the finishing metal strips can access the difficult areas of the restoration done in the cavity with the refined structure and shape of the finishing metal strips. Box of 12 polishing metal finishing strips.

Finishing Metal Strips

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