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Formo-Cresol is a compound consisting of formaldehyde, cresol, glycerin, and water used in vital pulpotomy of primary teeth and as a temporary intracanal medicament during root canal therapy. Formocresol is a very commonly used product or material in the field of endodontics and pedodontic dentistry. Formocresol has proved to be of great benefit in the treating of the pulp related diseases in the children as well as adults. The ratio of the formocresol used in the patients is recommended by the manufacturers of the respective brands. Therefore, it is important for the endodontists or dentists to check well and then proceed further with their treatments. It has been successfully used as an intracanal medicament since the early years in the field of dentistry. Formocresol is used in procedures in dentistry like pulpotomy. The endodontic treatments are usually focused on the treatment of the non-functional or damaged pulp of the teeth in the dental patients. Formocresol used in the endodontic treatments consist of 10% formaldehyde, 15% glycerol as well as 35% cresol. 1 oz bottle.


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