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Gracey 11-14 MD XP has a combination of working ends that are designed to complete an entire Buccal or Lingual Sextant without changing instruments, thus increasing efficiency. Gracey 11-14 MD XP dental instrument is surface engineered with our patented XP Technology. Gracey 11-14 MD XP is used to perform the scaling and removal of the plaque and calculus easily without changing the instruments. This means that this instrument can be used easily by the dentist to clean the buccal side or lingual side of one quadrant that too in one continuous form.The material used in the manufacturing of the instrument are bio compatible with the teeth and the tissues surrounding them which ensures that there are no side effects in the patients after the completion of the sub-gingival scaling and root planning. There are several bents in the shanks attached to both the ends of the body of the Gracey 11-14 MD XP instrument.This makes the calculus present sub-gingivally get removed with the correct usage of the techniques. Made in the USA.

Gracey 11-14 MD XP


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