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Push button high speed handpiece comes complete with dependable and quiet turbine a bur changer and brush. Push button handpiece has been in great demand in the recent times due to it’s fine working ability and the appreciating speed. This makes the dental procedures involving it to be done at a very fast speed. It saves a lot of time with patients as well as the dental team. The handpiece has a shank which has a bent to make the handpiece accessible to difficult areas of the mouth. Therefore, it makes the use of the handpiece much easier with the finished design. The push button is present at the back of the head of the handpiece so that the dentist can control the working of the handpiece with his fingers itself. This saves a lot of time and makes it easy for the dentist to take quick breaks during the procedures. The turbine of the high speed push button handpiece is precision based and therefore it is very easy and smooth to use the handpiece. The quality of the dental drill is very high and long lasting and the turbine is known to work very fast and is responsible for the high speed of the handpiece. It has ceramic tubings for the smooth functioning inside the patient’s mouth. The surface of the handpiece is designed in such a way the dentist will find a good grip no matter if its a male or female operator. A proper grip is important because the speed of this unit is much faster than the regular speed dental handpieces. The high speed push button unit need to be used with care and maintained properly. They can be autoclaved after every dental procedure. This handpiece has made the work of the dentists very easy from before and therefore more of dentists are now using this handpiece to improve their clinical skills. 

High Speed Pushbutton Handpiece

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