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High volume evacuator tips with soft ends for ultimate patient comfort. H/V evacuator tips are vented in one side only. These evacuator tips ensure that the patients have sufficient amount of comfort on the dental chair during their treatment. The high volume evacuator tips are also known as HVE tips. The high volume evacuator tips have been designed in such a way that they adapt well on the surfaces of the respective teeth. The saliva collecting in the mouth of the patient at the time of the dental procedures get passed from these high volume evacuator tips and out to the dental unit. Thus, there is optimum amount of cleanliness in the mouth of the patients thus preventing several types of infections and ensuring faster completion of the dental procedures. Other distracting elements like blood, blood segments as well as water get diverted into the high volume evacuator tips thus helping the dentists to work smoothly in the patient’s oral cavity. Box of 50.

High Volume Evacuator Tips

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