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Jet Tooth Shade Kit has 6/1 is self curing acrylic resin for making stronger, more color stable, temporary crown and bridge restorations. Jet temporary crown material is fast setting with a time in 6-9 minutes. Lang Jet dental resin is the most durable temporary crown and bridge material on the market today. Methyl methacrylate hardness that is easy to polish and trim with a bur when finished. Jet tooth shade has variable colors that matches the patients shade perfectly for greater acceptance and mixes easily for consistent shade. If your looking for a premixed putty resin we offer this restorative dental material in a cartridge system. 6/1 Kit (6x45g powder 60/A1-62/A2-65/D3-69/C2-77/B4-81/A3.5 and 118ml liquid)

Jet Tooth Shade Kit

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