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Replacement foot pedal for most dental units with 4 prong foot pedal for connectors with 4 receptors. Replacement foot pedal is an important part any of the dental units. The foot pedals are responsible in the workings of most dental appliances connected with the dental chairs like the dental handpieces. Foot pedal is commonly known as foot control. Foot pedals make the work of the dentist easier by controlling various operations on the dental unit while operating the patient on the dental chair. This ensures that both the hands of the dentist is free during the procedure and he can completely focus in the procedure. The foot pedal requires one foot of the pedal to be placed on it to switch on the working of the related structures of the dental chairs. This gives the authority to the dentist to control the speed and the pattern of the appliances like dental aerators inside the patient’s mouth. The foot pedal ensures that the dentist can switch on and off the airotor as and when required during the procedure. The foot pedal mainly consists of the pedal, cable as well as an opening to connect with the dental chair. The pedal is easy to use and can be pressed according to the requirement of the dentist. The foot pedals usually have maximum stability on the ground so that they do not slip on the floor. Nowadays, the shapes of the foot pedals are circular as well as square or rectangular so that the foot pedals can be bought according to the requirement of the buyers. The number of holes available in the dental foot pedal is now multiple. Therefore, the buyers can easily decide the model to be selected depending on the requirements in their clinics. Thus, foot pedal replacements are of great advantage for the dental chairs and ensure smooth functioning of the dental chairs. 

  • 4 prong connector - 4 receptors
  • UL listed power cable
  • Rectangular switch box
  • Non slip base

Replacement Foot Pedal

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