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Tetric Ceram HB is a high-viscosity, fluoride-containing, visible-light-cured microhybrid resin composite marketed by Ivoclar Vivadent. Compositionally, it is similar to Tetric Ceram but has a thicker consistency that the manufacturer claims makes it easier to pack into posterior preparations and produce acceptable proximal contacts. The "HB" in its name, in fact, stands for "heavy body." Its heavier consistency, at least in part, is due to the fact that it contains a greater amount of highly dispersed silica filler particles. Its 80.4% filler content (by weight) is slightly higher than that of Tetric Ceram (78.6%). Tetric Ceram HB flowable composite is specifically recommended for the direct restoration of Class I and Class II preparations. We carry all major brands of flowable universal composites like Caulk Dentsply and others.
Syringe Refill, 4 grams.

Tetric Ceram HB

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  • Manufactured by: Vivadent